Monday, December 6, 2010

sem05. "Activating Nature" an ECO-Retreat.

In Malaysia, the nature consist of patterns that produce ‘common experience” that makes people ’taken it for granted.

to teach people to be more ‘ECO-CONCIOUS// by revealing the ’sense of place’ of our unique and precious rainforest, specifically the PENANG NATIONAL PARK.

Giving them excitement, anticipation and amazement for them to experience and remember by providing facilities and opportunity to observe and participate in the ecosystem.

is an info center, a place to educate and a place to be inspired. Located inside a the Penang National Park, the protected rainforest jungle which are still exist in an natural ecosystem without much intervention. The site have a lot of interestingness that is very precious.

seeing. is believing.


Farah Hanna Ahmad Fuad said...

i baru prasan final kite punye concept ade something to do dgn word 'activate'..haha

Ahmad Hakym said...

really? ahak....urs pasal ape?

those who giv me support...=D

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