Friday, July 2, 2010


design by AHMAD HILMY ABDULLAH. All rights reserved.

This is a derived kufi art...the 2D grid art was extended to form a perfect cube into 3D.This strengthen the similarity with architecture. It was started by Ahmad Hilmy Abdullah (my dad) with the ALLAH_MUHAMMAD_CUBE (above). All six sides are having equal 3 faces written ALLAH and also 3 faces written MUHAMMAD. The biggest challenge for this design is to meet up faces every edge. However, this challenge was proudly solved. so, i helped my father to build up the prototype for this design.

The basic material were 100 x 100mm polystyrene cube (readily cut and shaped) and polystyrene glue...

The mockup.

the process.

the final product.

those who giv me support...=D

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