Sunday, June 27, 2010


ok. now i want to share some bits of this interesting form of art. the SQUARE_KUFI. this piece up here is actually my first trial after months of theory learning through facebook with a community we called ourself F.O.K.S. (friends of kufi square), those who have the enthusiasm in this KUFI art. They have conference and discussion through facebook and develop this old form of art, and apply it with Jawi. theres 2 pioneer that i know now, Master Shukor and Sifu Ahmad Hilmy. They teach this SQUARE KUFI through facebook and number of students and KUFI enthusiast are increasing day by day. =) Its definitely a great step to revive our JAWI writing which fading away nowadays.

Some people may not know how to read this SQUARE_KUFI and a lot of my friends asked me on how to read it....ok, u need to read from BOTTOM RIGHT and turn CLOCKWISE. Some of the KUFIs especially the long one, u will need to read it UPSIDE DOWN when it turns and end up at the CENTER.

left: this is my own KUFI initial logo done by my father, SIFU HILMY.
it is the original handsketch by him. i just scanned and vectorized it. to read this one, its bottom-up.


works by SIFU HILMY.

MASTER SHUKOR with SIFU HILMY during WIEF Marketplace of Creative Arts 2010.

this KUFI is totally challenging. and highly addictive. the process of making it has no difference with architecture. ;)

those who giv me support...=D

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