Saturday, February 7, 2009

my 12 twin brothers!

haih...macam ni lah gamatnye rumah tiap2 hari masa dulu2....macam2 ragam masing2...ade yang nak jadi pelukis, ade yang nak menyanyi, ade yang cipta lagu, ade nak jadi arkitek, ade gak yang suka tulis puisi...tak kurang gak yang suka amik gambar permandanagan, gambar serangga, gambar portrait, suma jenis photography lar...haih..semua wat benda serious2..susah my parents nak layan kerenah kitorang nih...hehe....tapi sekarang sum dah gi blajar kat luar negara...dalam bidang masing2...

hahahaha....its the beauty of photo editing nowadays...the sky is the cannot 100% trust photos....even the transformers can be seems reality in the world we live today....this photo i did during my form 3...been using and experimenting with photoshop as early as standard im familiar with it and almost 90 of it id mastered..thx 4 my sifus!! =D



A table of an architect in the making....lolz!

taken after 8 hour straight concentrating developing my design and model of the "martial arts bandstand" project.....its a tiring yet a satisfying day cuz having a magnificent flow of creativity and ideas far this semester is REALLY going good! everything i did actually connecting and going towards with everything i targeted and following the concepts that i chose.....every decisions i made so far are right to the target...huhuhu.....learn a lot although its juz 1 month skills are actually improved, drawings, detailing, concentration, tidiness, workmanship, all i can feel the change...hope i can improve more and more!..huhuhu....^^

those who giv me support...=D

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