Monday, December 6, 2010

sem05. "Activating Nature" an ECO-Retreat.

In Malaysia, the nature consist of patterns that produce ‘common experience” that makes people ’taken it for granted.

to teach people to be more ‘ECO-CONCIOUS// by revealing the ’sense of place’ of our unique and precious rainforest, specifically the PENANG NATIONAL PARK.

Giving them excitement, anticipation and amazement for them to experience and remember by providing facilities and opportunity to observe and participate in the ecosystem.

is an info center, a place to educate and a place to be inspired. Located inside a the Penang National Park, the protected rainforest jungle which are still exist in an natural ecosystem without much intervention. The site have a lot of interestingness that is very precious.

seeing. is believing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Warisan Senibina Malaysia // Victoria_Institution_1929

The ARCOstic4 of ARCO UTMKL.
Congratulation guys. we made it. :)

Okay, this is the product of our 5th semester Measured Drawing project. After months of hard works, everything is now almost completed and completely worth it. Congratulation to Syahmi being the group leader, Wan Bad as CAD leader, Aban as the model leader
and not to forget the rest of the class who had done a very splendid job.

As for me, im very proud to be the part of the team doing a project of my own school. There is so much more things we can learn from this historical building. The school contain rich cultural, heritage and traditions that are really valuable and should be conserve.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Portraiture // satu masa dahulu.

Id started drawing portrait since form 3. I just realized that i have the capability to do so then.
I was inspired by my close cousin Hafidz. Since im 6 years old, i was just able to sit around watching him draw so wonderfully.He started off drawing comic characters and then we started our comic projects where i wrote the storyline and he will draw it. every school holidays we will be doing lots of projects. however, he was no longer interested in doing comics, but portraiture instead. My role as writter was gone. getting bored just seeing him drawing, i tried. i still remember drawing Afdlin Shauki that time when i realized "eh! i can draw!".
n thats when it all started.

Since then, we were really into this field of arts...we venture in charcoal, acrylic, and soft pastel...our sifu for that time was my dad and Aris central dad even bought us a whole set of Rembrandt pastel for us. We made quite some pocket money receiving orders for anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations.

carbon on cartridge.

carbon on cartridge.

carbon on cartridge.

Pastel on Pastel Paper.

Soft Pastel on sugar paper.

carbon on cartridge.
Soft pastel on sugar paper.

carbon on cartridge.
carbon on cartridge.

i really miss drawing portrait. anyone interested? ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the_ARCOstic4. final_year.

Semester_05 had started. ini adalah kata2 yg datang dari aku sahaj.

Masa berlalu sangat2 cepat. Tau-tau dah final year dip dah...masih igt lagi mula2 masuk dlu kat studio lama yang dah diroboh. pindah ke studio kayu. ke studio batu. n studio batu lagi. n lagi skali studio batu. yang paling best, tempat yg same lak tuh....-.- haha...takpe..this sem, kita dah paling senior. dapat alik studio kayu alik. :)

Masih igt jugak dulu...masa zaman kerja2 kita boleh dibanggakan oleh lecturer-lecturer kita dulu...masa kita semua semangat sgt experimental macam2...kita sendiri pon puas hati dengan kerja2 kita sendiri...semester_02, waktu kemuncak kita suma.

Tapi...taktau kenapa menjelang sem_03, kita punya keje suma macam dah menurun kualiti...mungkin bkn semua, tapi aku dapat rasa seluruh class macam dah hilang semangat ke ape model kita tak penah siap...kerja2 lambat develop...salah aku sendiri jugak...sampailah last semester dimana lecturer ade berkata "im very dissapointed with u guys" hebat...aku sendiri pon dissapointed tgk kerja aku, ape lagi diorang...

Its time guys....its our final year....we need to do something...we are not gonna stay at the same level kan...? this needs effort and enthusiasm dari semua orang...takkanlah kita nak dilabel batch yang 'menjatuhkan nama ARCO'...senior2 sebelum ni dah bertungkus lumus bina nama...

Me myself nak mintak maaf kalau sebelum2 ni aku terlampau banyak cakap, tapi kerja tak gerak...aku sedar tu so sorry...n bagi sesape yang terasa hati ape aku cakap, or ape aku wat kat korang wat korang sakit hati, seikhlasnya aku mintak maaf and aku janji, aku akan tebus balik kesalahan aku dalam tahun terakhir kita ni. ill give my all for u guys this final year.






Wan Bad


Amir Amin

Suyen Lim









walaupun kita tak lah seramai mana....
we had gone through lots of stressful, difficult moments regardless anything.
lets prove to everyone. we are no ordinary people. we are the fantastic ARCOstic. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


photography session with lil' Adam. baby@music. ;)

those who giv me support...=D

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