Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Architectural Design : Sem_06 // BICO chip.


 Semester_06. Final Project. Final Semester.

BICO : Bangsar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies.

"....its about making a compact building which have higher efficiency and giving more for the public by minimizing the footprint n provide an urban park for the people of bangsar. just like a technology of microchip, which developed smaller and smaller everyday yet having more and more functions to it. the "BICO chip" is about to 'plugged in' into a 'motherboard(Bangsar)' and power up a rapid development and generates Creative Intelligence as the outcome. the internal planning is inspired by the complexity of the microchip which have smaller components and circuit inside it."


Awarded Best Design Award from UTM and Meritorious Award from UAC Berhad.

Alhamdulillah. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mimpilah_Diriku - Hakym.


pandang kemataku,
hingga kedasar hatiku,
apa dapat kau lihat, hanyalah dirimu....

bila kukenal kamu,
kurasa kusayang padamu,
ingin kudakap kamu,
tidurlah dalam pelukan aku,


bila kukenal kamu,
kurasa kusayang padamu,
ingin kudakap kamu,
tidurlah dalam pelukan aku,

pejamkan matamu,
fikirkan yg indah bagimu,
pejamkan matamu,
tidurlah, dalam pelukan aku.....
mimpilah diriku...


Writer/Singer: Hakym
Guitar: Faeez & Hakym.

This song was written in the year 2005 and recorded in year 2007. The lead guitar and the arrangement was done by my VIPB brother, Faeez(aka lalat). Recorded inside prefects room at that time (sorry for the bad quality of sound). The inspiration i got for this song is from my old friend, Merrizki. This song is magical. i wrote the lyrics and played the song simultaneously in just 10 minutes. but it took a long time to ripe and mature until it become as it is now. It is magical in the sense of it suits anyone who are listing the song. The title itself could be interpreted depending on the listener's situation.

"dream of me" could suits;
  • those who are deeply in love.
  • those who are hoping for someone to love them.
  • those who are missing someone far.
  • those who cant get someone he/she wants.
  • those feeling sad.
  • happy.
  • angry.
  • dissapointed.
  • ....etc.

those who giv me support...=D

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