Friday, October 29, 2010

Warisan Senibina Malaysia // Victoria_Institution_1929

The ARCOstic4 of ARCO UTMKL.
Congratulation guys. we made it. :)

Okay, this is the product of our 5th semester Measured Drawing project. After months of hard works, everything is now almost completed and completely worth it. Congratulation to Syahmi being the group leader, Wan Bad as CAD leader, Aban as the model leader
and not to forget the rest of the class who had done a very splendid job.

As for me, im very proud to be the part of the team doing a project of my own school. There is so much more things we can learn from this historical building. The school contain rich cultural, heritage and traditions that are really valuable and should be conserve.


Suehaily Mohd Jiwa said...

aigoooo!measured drwaing korang mantop,weh korang guna material apa??!


whoa!! congratz guys.. tak sabar nak masuk sem dpan bcoz nak tgk hasil kerja korg..

Anonymous said...

awesome...!!!proud to be Victorian...!!!

Ahmad Hakym said...

thx all...:) ni guna model boards....:)

those who giv me support...=D

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