Saturday, June 26, 2010

Music in Me.

how i wish i got music education since my childhood.....masa kecik2 dulu takde penah terpikir nak betul2 masuk official piano class or violin class ke ape....i just realized i have the passion in music when i was in form 3...when my parents bought a guitar for my was his first guitar, and the first in the house! its a always a no-no if i ask for one before that...cause i never really seriously asked...end up, im the one who spent 90% of the time playing that guitar...and at last, i bought a guitar for myself, a Yamaha F-210. its now signed by PAPAROCK, RAMLI SARIP :).


gitar ini dah byk berjasa...:)

those who giv me support...=D

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