Saturday, June 26, 2010

Music in Me.

how i wish i got music education since my childhood.....masa kecik2 dulu takde penah terpikir nak betul2 masuk official piano class or violin class ke ape....i just realized i have the passion in music when i was in form 3...when my parents bought a guitar for my was his first guitar, and the first in the house! its a always a no-no if i ask for one before that...cause i never really seriously asked...end up, im the one who spent 90% of the time playing that guitar...and at last, i bought a guitar for myself, a Yamaha F-210. its now signed by PAPAROCK, RAMLI SARIP :).


gitar ini dah byk berjasa...:)


Unknown said...

safwan tu macam sifu gitar aku tw..ha2.walaupun cuma untuk beberapa hari tapi sangat bermakna hang out dengan dia.

Epul Azimi said...

aku satu alat muzik pon tak pandai main,terasa nk belajar main piano dan biola.....:)

Ahmad Hakym said...

sendra:hahahahaha....dia sgt hebat! ;)
epul: never too late to start bro...:)

yusri90 said...

pergghh, cantik la ko lukis. Aku rase segala art yang ko buat aku suka,haha

Ahmad Hakym said...

hehehe...thx! of course....most architectural students lebey kurang jek....;)

those who giv me support...=D

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