Friday, March 18, 2011

Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot :: Wie & Hidayah.

okay. i could say, this is the most satisfying wedding photography id ever did.

The ceremony took place at my grandparent's house in Kok Lanas, Kelantan which always be one of the exciting highlights every year going back for Hari Raya.

Having the perfect setting of an almost pure rural village, its a must-not-missed outdoor photography.

 Moreover, both my cousin Hidayah and our new family member Wie were very-very photogenic and every instructions were done splendidly with the addition of their own creativity.

This is for u guys. ;)

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imah said...

hehe.. dah like kat FB ^^

F A Y Z said...

cantik pix bro.
nak blaja dari ko la
boley ?

Ahmad Hakym said...

Hahaha...thx! Boleh bro..takde hal.....;)

Nier Zecter said...

smart giler gmbar bro..
btw cousin dayah ke?
aku kawan dia..syang x dpt gi :(

Ahmad Hakym said...

yeah....huhuhu...thx bro...! :) huhu...majlis biasa2 je...gambar nampak grand gler...haha...:P

SuzyO said...

Beautiful images!

Nailofarhazirah said...

do loves most of the pictures..

those who giv me support...=D

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